Tuesday, July 10, 2012

pan grilled steak.....at kitchen! kitchen!

What could be more simpler than a pan grilled steak with your
favorite vegetables!
I am never without my favorite vegetables of zucchini and bell peppers.
They are so versatile, that you could literally do anything with them.
They are great as a side dish, as a salad, and especially  great for grilling. Well, it's too hot outside for grilling, so indoor it is! Out with my grill pan, that seems to be reluctant to come out. I have to finiggle it out of its resting place. Looks like it got stuck with my other pans or its' feeling the heat already. So, here goes, just follow me.....

Your favorite cut of steak - seasoned generously with my amazing dry rub (see previous posting) or simply salt and black pepper.
Zucchini - sliced lenghwise and coat with olive oil
Bell Pepper - quartered; seeded and coat with olive oil
Rock salt (or sea salt) to sprinkle on the vegetables
A steaming hot grill pan - brushed with vegetable oil
Grill one side of the steak (my sirloin is a smidge more than a 1/4" thick) for 5 minutes and another 4 minutes on the other side for a medium well.  Set aside and cover with foil.
On the same pan, line up the zucchini, grilling each side for a minute or so until you have those wonderful grill marks. Next, the bell peppers. They take a bit longer than the zucchinis - about 2-3 minutes on each side (brush the pan with oil if it starts to dry up). Coat the grilled vegetables with your favorite vinaigrette and serve with the sliced steak. This dish is hot!!!!...as in "WOW"!

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