Saturday, July 7, 2012

gravlax avocado tartare 2 & potato kitchen! kitchen!

This is what I call "braving the uncomplicated". A classic example of how
a dish evolves. A wonderful appetizer that would impress even he most
discerning foodie. It may look complicated, but all it needs is a bit of
patience and imagination. This is nothing than a layering of
of simple ingredients of gravlax; or smoked salmon;
or crab meat! Just follow my previous posting of
"Gravlax & Avocado Tartare" and give it your own twist.
My additional ingredients are:
4 hard boiled eggs with yolks and egg whites chopped finely and separately
Add a tablespoon of mayonnaise each on the chopped egg yolk and egg whites
and layer them on a 4 inch mold and you will be rewarded with
an impressive and delicious appetizer.
Serve with potato blinis or potato pancake.
*Please google for potato pancake or potato bilini recipe*

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