Wednesday, July 18, 2012

lemony, minty....lemon kitchen! kitchen!

A wonderful and gloriously fresh bunch of lemon basil.
The fragrance of this herb brings me back to my childhood.
My mother introduced the herb to the family by way of
putting the herb on practically anything that my mother cooked.
From roasted chicken, to steamed fish, to soups and
even omelettes! Well, it did not stop there. We even
put the herb in the condiments, sauces and dressings.
 A plate of freshly picked lemon basil that we know as
 "KADYA" was always on a platter for us to add to the dishes on the table.
It makes just about anything taste fresh.
My mother had several plants of this
lemon basil in her garden, like shrubs that bordered the property.
My sisters carried on this tradition of
having several plants of the lemon basil in their gardens as well.
This fresh tasting, lemony, and minty lemon basil
 is a regular staple in the family gathering.
There is always someone asking for "KADYA".

Cheers! To a lemon basil mojito!

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