Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When in doubt boil an egg!!...at kitchen! kitchen!

Open face egg sandwich with guacamole salsa & dill
This open face sandwich is nestled under a blanket of
guacamole salsa and thinly sliced cucumber with a sprinkling of
smoked spicy paprika on a toasted semolina baguette.
This is a man portion because my son just devoured it.
I am never without dill and English cucumbers. They bring out some freshness to the palate. A perfect ingredient for an "open face sandwich". I prefer this than the regular sandwich of 2 pieces of bread slammed together. This way, I could see what I am about to feed myself with.

So when in doubt boil an egg!......
2 hard boiled eggs (everybody knows how to boil an egg right???) I read somewhere that if you add a pinch of  salt on the water, it would be easy to peel the shell when cool enough to handle. My eggs were perfectly hard boiled, no grey areas on the whites and the yolk is just right and a tad moist. And what to do with some leftover guacamole salsa? Slather some on the bread, add some dill, then top each one with thinly sliced cucumbers, add a bit of mayonnaise on top for the sliced eggs to nestle in comfortably; more dill and a sprinkling of spicy smoked paprika and you've got a meal!
Suggestion: to make the sliced ends of the eggs sit still on the cucumber- slice off a little of the white to make it flat.

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