Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ladles and kitchen! kitchen!

Ladles And Spoons
As part of my blog, my love for unusual and old kitchen tools.
A collection of wooden ladles and spoons
Some of the primitive antique collections are from the Philippines's mountain province
where handles are intricately carved. These ladles are hanged in the kitchen and
 the smoke coming from the hearth causes the ladles and spoons to blacken
over time and the result is this beautiful patina. The natives of the mountain province 
take pride in their craftsmanship.
The newer ones are from Africa, just as beautiful and intricately carved from
a solid wood and the handles often decorated with animal bone.

Primitive yet intricately carved handles
of the finest hard wood. A beauty to behold.
These small spoons were collected by my niece Stephanie
who in turn gifts it to me on her yearly visit here.
The origin of these simple but beautifully carved
and decorated spoons is Africa.

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