Tuesday, June 26, 2012

double decker hamburger sliders....at kitchen! kitchen!

A Double Decker Hamburger Sliders With Goat Cheese
I had one of those impromtu gathering of friends who came at such a short notice!
Bless those friends!
So what to make on such a short notice?!....
A freshly baked baguette, grilled eggplants, goat cheese, sun dried tomato pesto
and you've got a PARTI!
Layer 2 beef sliders on  pieces of toasted baguette smothered
with goat cheese, next a piece with sun dried tomatoe pesto;
grilled eggplant, add a bit of green
and a bamboo skewer to keep them in place. Surround the platter with your favorite
grilled vegetable  like zucchini and serve with your favorite dressing.

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