Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Avocado Cake Gravlax.....way to go!...at kitchen! kitchen!

Hello fellow bloggers and followers!  I have not really abandoned my blog....just call it a lull.. You see I was busy entertaining my visiting family from the mother country. So now that things have quite down, I'm starting to get into the swing of things, so to speak. This avocado cake gravlax was inspired by Hubert Keller, a french chef . He made an appetizer of avocado and crabs. Must be totally delicious. So, what a better idea to make it my own and used my home made gavlax instead of crabs. Creamy haas avocado is in full season right now and the jersey tomatoes are starting to come up....and on June 20th,  drum roll please.!..my favorite farm stand will open its' doors. I could taste the anticipation of the fresh, and home grown produce that I would encounter at Samaha. It's like going to a rock concert! Well, not quite...but sort of for the "foodie goddess" in me.
Avocado Gravlax Cake

Avocado Gravlax Cake:
(recipe for one appetizer)
1 medium size avocado
Juice of 1 freshly squeezed lime
salt and pepper
1 medium size tomato/blanched in hot water for 10-12 seconds and cooled immediately to stop from cooking. Peel the skin/remove the seeds and diced
1/4 cup of diced gravlax (google for gravlax recipe)
1/4 cup of diced seeded and peeled tomato

For the avocado:
Peel and scoop meat into the food processor with the lime juice and salt and pepper.
Pulse until blended with just enough bits of the avocado meat
Place a cookie cutter on a serving plate (use the cookie cutter as a mold)
Scoop 1/2 of the avocado meat inside the cookie cutter
Make some kind of well in the middle of the avocado and scoop in the diced gravlax
Completely cover the gravlax with the rest of the avocado, smoothing it as you go along.
Top with diced tomato and slowly lift the cookie cutter mold. *See TIPS below.
Garnish with thin slices of gravlax and some dill.

Tips: brush a little olive oil around the inside of the cookie mold for easy removal- and refrigerate for 5-10 minutes before lifting the mold.

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