Saturday, February 4, 2012

simply tomatoes...... salad with kitchen! Kitchen!

A Salad of Cherry Tomatoes and Dill
This simple salad of cherry tomatoes, chopped sweet onions and the ever
wonderful "miracle herb" DILL with Italian flat anchovy fillet on a freshly
baked proscuitto bread will make this simple salad a great appetizer.
This is very simple. All you need is a quart of cherry or grape tomatoes
sliced in half; half of a white onion, roughly chopped, a handful
of chopped dill and a scattering of flat anchovy fillets. Add some of the
anchovy's olive oil from the jar; some black pepper and
allow to sit for while for the juices of the tomatoes to be the dressing.
Give it toss before adding the fillets. This is a very rewarding no fuss salad.

It is great to have a jar of flat anchovies from your favorite
gourmet store. I prefer this than the ones in a small can.
This type of flat anchovy fillet has none of those
annoying tiny bones and it is a less salty too.


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