Saturday, February 25, 2012

it could be a lamb stew!......for kitchen! kitchen!

This is a "goat" meat stew prepared by the mother of a
co-worker from British Guiana.
The meat just slides off the bones and the taste - let's just say,
you'll forget who you are for a moment. The exotic spices of
a far away land seem to linger in your mouth.
The heat from the chili took its time to develope in my palate and 
perfectly balanced that there was no need to scream for water.
Gosh, I wished to be adopted and be permanently
esconced in their household.
With a dish like this who wouldn't!!!
I served this with rice and a side dish of mango salad.
I don't have the recipe for this dish, however, since goat meat is hard to find
you may substitute it with lamb or beef.
FOR LAMB RECIPE look up my previous posting
of my "Lamb Expression" dated: 10/14/10

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