Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Simple grilling......reminiscing! kitchen!

Simple grilling.....reminiscing our trip to the Philippines.
My son took this photo when we were in Salapasap, a small town in
Ilocos, Sur, where my niece Stephanie has their beach house.
Terry, my brother-in-law took Jens for a bit of sight seeing in
another part of town and was lucky enough to
 partake in a simple but delicious lunch.
I don't quite know the name of this fish, but it was freshly caught and
simply grilled on charcoal made out of coconut shell.
Perhaps it was not even seasoned,
allowing the salt water to render its' own seasoning.
I was so intrigued with this photo.
 It tells me the simple way of life in a small town
or in any village with close proximity to the sea, their simple way of preparing
a freshly caught fish. Just grill it! Allowing the sweet fresh taste of the fish
to capture your imagination on what else lies under the sea.
I'm glad that my son had tasted and experienced this simple fare.

Photo courtesy of: Jens Wittling

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