Wednesday, January 18, 2012

grilling...........awaits me!! kitchen!

Grilling....of fresh tuna, octopus, pork belly, and the eternal pork barbecue.
Delightfully served with a simple sauce of vinegar, soy with minced onions.

These awaits me when I come for a visit to the Philippines,
as my niece, Weng, promised.
Feeling nostalgic for the old country and what awaits me is engulfing me
nowadays. It must be the dark cold winter weather that is making me long for a
warmer climate, my country of birth, and most especially my family.
There is always an excuse for my sisters, nieces and nephews to have a
get together and as they call it "bahaw-bahaw", meaning having some leftovers.
Obviously, these platter of grilled meats and seafood do not fall under "leftovers".
"Bahaw-bahaw" is a loose term that my family coined to announce to all
that there will be a family get together and anyone is welcome.
Normally, each family member will bring a dish or two to this "bahaw-bahaw".
No reason is necessary to have this occasion. But, Naz, one of my sisters seems to
be the pied piper of the family. She initiates these gatherings of the family and
the platter you see here came from her kitchen.
As they say, love abounds where there is good food and the gathering of a family.
How I missed this "bahaw-bahaw"!
photo courtesy of: Weng Torres

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