Wednesday, January 18, 2012

homemade sardines by my sister Pearl...a tribute from... kitchen! kitchen!

Homemade Sardines
By my sister Pearl Luna
A tribute to her ability to turn simple baby milk fish
into something delicious and so mouth watering.

My sister made this homemade sardines when I was visiting in the Philippines.
All of my sisters are a whiz in the kitchen in their own way.
And when I was asked what I would like - a homemade sardines came to mind.
So, everytime I see canned sardines in the supermarket,
I longed for the ones a few thousand miles away.
In as much as I would like to make these myself,  I have a fear of this particular
kitchen equipment which is a must to do this recipe. The "PRESSURE COOKER"!
I am very leery about this equipment.
Maybe because I have seen and experienced enough incidents
wherein when this is opened prematurely, the whole thing blows up
where you find everything stuck to the ceiling and myself 
taking cover under a table.
So, pardon me if I prefer to  have my food on the table instead of on the ceiling.
Up to now, I will not attempt to cook in one.
So, therefore, I will leave this home made sardines to my dear lovely sister, Pearl.
If anyone would be brave enough to do this, I have no doubt that all you have
to do is goggle for a recipe.

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