Monday, January 2, 2012

bejeweled banana kitchen! kitchen!...for Tarts & Quiches.

Bejeweled Banana Cake

A banana bread does not have to be boring.
I made the "simple banana bread" into a cake complete with
pecan maple glaze and topped with silvery sugared pecans.
After taking pity on some of the bananas that was repining fast in the fruit tray,
I took pity on the poor ones and decided to make a bread out of it rather than
disposing it. I just can't start throwing out some fruits when you can turn them into
something wonderful.  So I played fairy godmother to these very ripened bananas.
The recipes always call for the most neglected banana be made as a muffin
or in a boring loaf pan. So, still feeling very holiday'ish, I decided to think cake
and bake it in a bundt pan. It looked so gorgeous in it that I decided to dress it up
with maple pecan glaze. The result- from an "ugly ducking to a swan'!
So, now this has become another addition for "Tarts & Quiches"
Calling it a bread is no longer fitting - I have now turned it into a
BEJEWELED BANANA CAKE All drssed up and fit for a king and for any ocassion.

For recipe - goggle for "banana bread" recipe and be a fairy godmother in the kitchen for a change.
The recipe used on this banana cake is very basic however, "tarts and quiches" tweaked the recipe and added a secret ingredient to make it our very own. An absolute delight as a dessert or simply have your coffee or tea with it.

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