Saturday, May 17, 2014

eggs benedict with a southern touch! kitchen! kitchen!

Eggs Benedict With A Southern Touch
Eggs over buttermilk pancakes with thick slices of double smoked bacon

A pretty simple EGGS BENEDICT with a bit of the south - understandably so, since we just came from Virginia for my nephew's college graduation. So my mind is still very "southern" especially after we had a very finger licking good southern ribs. So the first order of the day, when I arrived home was to make eggs benedict for brunch with a southern touch. Of course!

Everybody knows how to make eggs benedict so, I don't really need to put down the recipe. But, if one has not done this wonderful rich dish, fear not, just google the recipe. The only difference here really is I opted to make buttermilk pancakes for my eggs benedict to rest on. I drizzled each layer of pancake with maple syrup; added thick slices of smoked bacon and voila! A very delicious and filling eggs benedict. As my nephew would say, " I never had eggs benedict with pancakes, but man, this is delicious"!

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