Saturday, May 17, 2014

A trip to Greenpoint, Brooklyn for kitchen! kitchen!

Smoked Goodness
Smoked bacon, smoked sausage, and blood susauge.

Gorgeous slices of Smoked Ham

Smoked Salmon And Haddock

Kitchen! Kitchen! is beyond the rolling pin of Tarts & Quiches.
It is it's alter ego and responsible for creating
dishes that are simple, delicious, easy to follow, as well as a feast to the eyes.

I trekked to Greenpoint, Brooklyn with friends headed by our leading "pipe-piper" Halina to shop and discover the Polish gastronomy. The trip brought us some insight as to what Polish cuisine has to offer. The rainy weather would not damper the spirit of us foodies. We were like kids going to a candy store, as soon as Halina opened the first magic door of Polam Meat Market, the magic scent of smoked meat and fish met us with such force (in a very good way) that our stomach started to grumble. Smoked sausages in all shapes and sizes, hams, slabs and slabs of bacon smoked and otherwise. There were also smoked salmon, haddock (where have you been all my life my love) and their other friends of the sea smoked to perfection. A wall full of jams, cheese, and what nots. My head was just spinning with joy!

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