Sunday, September 2, 2012

baking kitchen! kitchen!

A huge wire basket of baking tools!
I have an incurable penchant for all kitchen and baking tools, old and new alike.
The more strange looking a tool is, the better and interesting it is for me.
I have to have all my kitchen tools within seeing distance...visual is
very important to me otherwise, I'll end up buying something
I already have. Let's say, out of sight out of mind.
So I have this huge wire basket I got at a garage sale for five bucks. At first,
I had no idea what to do with it - but my inner kitchen goddess kept telling me to just get it.
So, it sat in the garage for while until the idea struck me that this is where I will put all
my baking tools and keep them in the kitchen within arm's reach.
And guess what? While perusing in a kitchen boutique in
the meat packing district in NYC, I saw exactly the same wire basket..
I told the owner, I have exactly the same thing.
He offered to buy it from me if I want to part with it. I don't think so thank you very much!

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