Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweet cherry tomatoes .......roasted to perfection......at kitchen! kitchen!

Sweet delicate cherry tomatoes roasted to perfection.
My patience was rewarded with this delicate, sweet and delicious
roasted cherry tomatoes.
2 containers of cherry tomatoes from Samaha's  farm (washed, rinse and dry)
4 cloves of garlic roughly chopped
Kosher salt and pepper
Extra virgin olive oil

Preheat oven to 350F
Place all the tomatoes in a roasting pan; sprinkle with salt, pepper, and a teaspoon of sugar then toss with 1/4 cup of olive oil.
Roast in the oven for 50 minutes.
45 minutes into the roasting, switch oven to high broil for 5-6 minutes to brown the tomatoes.
Let cool and drain to reserve all the liquid. Transfer the roasted solid tomatoes in a separate bowl.
Pour the tomato liquid that you drained into a deep pan - (correct for seasoning) and simmer to reduce until thick (about 15-20 minutes). Pour back the reduced thickened  tomato liquid into the bowl of roasted tomatoes and stir to mix.
Add roughly chopped basil leaves and enjoy on toasted baguette . (you may sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top).
Your patience will be rewarded with a rich and delicious tomatoes!!
Fantastic as a crostata, or pasta topping.

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