Saturday, September 24, 2011

My catch of the day at Samaha! kitchen!

My Catch  of the Day at Samaha Farm
It saddens me to know that I only have a month to be able to do all my Saturday
gatherings of fresh vegetables and herbs at this wonderful farm in my area before they
close for winter.
It's refreshing  to have this family owned farm  in Matawan and Aberdeen, New Jersey.
I've lived in Matawan for decades and my son grew up here. I saw all those farm lands turned into residential communities...a community of  "mac-mansions".To have this family owned farm still thrive in this "mac-mansion" age is very refreshing.
Going there to get my fresh produced in the summer is always a treat every Saturday.
They have fresh vegetables that they grew, fresh flowers for the table, corn that is so sweet that you've got to eat at least 3 (or 4 and no one will have to know).
The lettuce is so fresh, and hearing that "crunch" as you bite into it -is like music. They have honey, jams, fresh bread, eggs and just about everything you need. All homemade by some of the local suppliers.
Watch out for a posting of the VEGETABLE RATATOUILLE out of the vegetables that I just gathered today at Samaha.

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