Thursday, July 14, 2011

not to be outdone..Linda's flower! kitchen! a trip to Maine....

The purple lupines a native to Maine growing profusely
in Linda's garden.

The bees just love to hover and linger in these beauties
for its' nectar.

The pride of Linda's  hard work, her flower bed

The flower bed in the early morning mist.

The flower bed is a "mix" of different varieties of
flowering plants that serves as a bakdrop
against a vast calm water.

Always a cutting of fresh bouquet for the table from the garden.

Linda the gardener and the gatherer.
I remember when Linda started her garden 2 years ago. She seemed to be a hesitant gardener, not quite sure of what to plant. Her good eye and inquisitive nature to ask questions about plants, and what grows well in Maine finally paid off. Well done my friend! Well done indeed!

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