Wednesday, February 2, 2011

turkey burger with low fat diet on Jens's kitchen! kitchen!

Turkey Burger
My son's version of a low fat turkey burger
with wedges of avocado, grape tomatoes, and lettuce leaves.
It may be low fat...but it is so full of flavour!
I was impressed!

 Jens's ingredients are:

1 package of organic ground turkey  (yields about 6-8 burgers).
1/4 cup of FETA CHEESE
A sprinkling of freshly ground pepper and amazing dry rub (see previous posting)
Olive oil for cooking and browning.

Season with black pepper and add the feta cheese to the ground turkey. Mix thoroughly and loosely form a patty.
Brown until cooked on a hot pan with olive oil.

Serve with wedges of avocado, lettuce and tomatoes.
A hint of melted feta cheese tickles your palate.....delicious! 
(You may choose to put the burgers on a roll and your favorite toppings.....don't let Jens stop you)!

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