Thursday, January 13, 2011

homemade veal kitchen! kitchen!

Homemade Veal Pate
Delicious and easy to make, great for sandwiches,
 snacks, or served with a salad, or just to nibble
on a cracker and a glass of wine
would be divine.

A veal pate sandwich with baby lettuce, and cucumbers
on a toasted whole grain bread buttered with mayo
and your favorite fruit spread.
 For Recipe - see previous posting of "pate wrapped in pastry". You can use any ground meat that you may have. kitchen! kitchen! tips: save and freeze the innards from the whole chicken; duck or turkey - they're great for added flavour and texture to pates.
This is what I did with the innards from the duck that I saved........
Roughly chopped innards, bacon cubes, and diced onions --With a pinch of salt sautee in olive oil for a few minutes just until the bacon starts to carmelize. Drain some of the oil and let cool before adding to the ground meat mixture.

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