Friday, September 20, 2013

kouign kitchen! kitchen!

Nina Koguin Amann
This fabulous cake/bread pastry from Brittany is taking everybody in NYC by storm including myself.

My niece and I trekked down to Soho to experience the CRONUT, the latest craze and invention of Dominique Ansel's Bakery. Well, they were sold out, so we ended up getting the second choice which was the kouign amann or DKA ( moniker for Dominique Kouign Amann). I fell instantly in love with this buttery, pastry! Forget about the cronut! My niece who does recipe research for me every now and then, did just that and sent a recipe of this fabulous pastry. I tested and tasted for almost a month. There were nights that I must have I slept with some flecks of flour on my hair. There were happy friends and relatives who got some of my experimented NKA. Not an easy task to undertake - but after reading up on several books, my notes on baking, and my instinct of " what if I do this instead", I finally perfected it to my absolute satisfaction. Baking this pastry is very laborious, but so worth it.

This deserves another trip to Soho and try Dominique Ansel's new invention, "the magic souffle". Of course they were sold out. Again, my friend and I settled on the DKA. As soon I bit into that pastry, I was overjoyed and disappointed at the same time. Overjoyed because my version of the kouign amann was so much better and tastier. Mine was a lot flakier, more buttery, and lighter. Disappointed because the original was no longer to my satisfaction.

I admire Dominique Ansel for being innovative and for getting out of the box. He is indeed one of the best if not the best pastry chef.

But, for me to be able to improve on something a famous pastry chef made and trusting myself  by getting out of my comfort zone, I was able to improve and create my own version of this fabulous pastry. Calling it my own NKA was very euphoric.

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