Tuesday, April 12, 2011

roasted chicken... a one pot meal....at kitchen! kitchen!

 What can be more simpler and delicious than a roasted chicken with the simplest ingredients that you already have! 

After an hour in the oven comes this wonderfully roasted one pot chicken meal.
Garnish with scallions
  This is so simple......

Chicken parts
4 Yukon gold potatoes cut in half
1-1/2 cups of cherry tomatoes
1 medium size onion quartered
3 whole garlic cloves
A sprinkling of olive oil
Koshed salt
Amazing dry rub
Season the chicken parts with the Amazing dry rub and set aside
In a medium size oven proofed pan gather together all the ingredients and season with salt, and pepper.
Sprinkle some olive oil and toss making sure that all the inredrients are coated with olive oil, Add the chiken on top of the potatoes and bake at 350 F for 50-1 hr. until golden. Serve and garnish with scallions.
It is simply easy and delicious......EASY is good!

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