Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Leftovers......tweak, add, & make kitchen! kitchen!

"Leftovers" of....pan seared steak, asparagus and broccoli, "chaperoned"
by the "big 3" of mayo/mustard/honey dressing and a "high kicking"
leftover of turkey sausage simmered in tomato sauce and chipotle.

Leftover turkey sausage simmered in carmelized onions and tomato sauce.
(sauce is a leftover from my "chicken breast stuffed with fontina cheese dish").
Add some leftover roasted eggplant, throw in some chipotle to
to the sauce and it's "high kicking" with flavour. 

Leftover sirloin steak thinly sliced to blanket leftover steamed asparagus,
introduced newly steamed broccolis and the
mouth watering dressing of my big 3 -mayo/mustard/honey,
makes this dish look like you have sweated
for hours creating a new dish.
Your family has no idea at all that all of these are 
"LEFTOVERS," tweaked, added
and made NEW!


Tuesdays are my "leftover nights"  if I have any........perfect for leftovers from the weekend and Monday dinners. So who says, that "leftovers" are only for sandwiches and to take to work? Make something exciting and new out of the old and no one will know that the dishes are actually leftovers...... and swoon  for a job well done!

For recipes.... check out previous postings.....remember these are "leftovers".
Food for thought: do not throw out any leftover sauce - freeze them instead...and create a new dish from your "leftovers".

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